Balancing My Life

9 Oct
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Today was an okay day. I spent most of my day cleaning and cooking. It’s hard being a working parent with three children.. I cannot enjoy my off days because i am so busy tending to their every need. I mean my off days were spent cleaning, doing laundry, and fixing whatever it is that they broke. I mean what can i say? They are only 5,4, and 1 years old. But, I have to do what is necessary to keep this household running smoothly. Yes, my hubby is a big help, but he also works and goes to school at night. I FEEL SO OVERWHELMED AT TIMES! Not only that, but I also had to attend my social club meeting today, which took over 2 hours for no apparent reason other than the fact that half of our members were late! ugh! How can I possibly balance work, family, social, and my personal lives when nothing goes the way it is supposed to? Each area of my life requires my full attention and that’s hard for me! I guess i will just have to pray about it and ask my higher power  for you guys have any suggestions???

itslove24 : )


One Response to “Balancing My Life”

  1. The Zodiac Tree October 16, 2011 at 7:42 PM #

    It can be hard at times but praying is a good start. I often pray for strength and wisdom. Oct 18th will be 8 years married. And we have 4 beautiful babies and sometimes life just seems impossible but you’ll get through it and it will get easier. And one day you’ll be looking back at the wonderful memories you and your family made. Keep your head up and good luck!

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